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extra chips at every IHPL nightly game

Its easy, just take a photo of you wearing or using IHPL merchandise in Public and email that photo to us. The next game you play at you will earn up to 5k extra chips! Its that easy!! Purchase Items at any IHPL game.

Check out our Merchandise Page!


Photos must be in a public venue (not in your backyard)

Can not use the same photo twice

Each Photo must be in a different location

Photos must show you wearing IHPL merchandise

Photos must be a High Resolution photo

The more famous/known place you take the photo, the more chips you earn (TD has final say)

Earn 5k chips for any photo taken out of the country

Earn up to 4k for photos taken in the USA.

Minimum of 500 chips can be earned

Earn 2k for photos taken at other Poker Leagues

a) Subject line of “Public Displays of IHPL promo”

b) Photo added as an attachment.

c) Date, Place & Time photo was taken

d) Click here to send your “Public display of IHPL” email and attach your photo.

You will receive your extra chips as the next game you play in after emails are received.

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