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House Poker League player

Submit your childhood photo to IHPL and receive an extra 5k chips.

We will post a different player each week.

If you guess who it is, get 1500 extra chips!!

Click here for promo rules


Photos must be from Grade School, Middle School or High School

Submissions will earn 5k extra chips after the name of the person has been announced. Usually 1-2 weeks after posting.

Players will get one guess per game.

Players must guess at an IHPL game.

Winning guesses will earn 1500 extra chips on the spot.

Emails need to be sent to and include the following:

a) Subject line of “Back in Time: Promo Picture submission”

b) Photo added as an attachment.

c) Name of person on photo, age at time of photo, what grade you were in

d) Click here to send your “Back in Time Promo” email and attach photo.

By submitting your photo to you allow IHPL to post your photo on our public website. We may use your photo for marketing purposes.

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