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In-House Poker League Regulations

  1. Players must sign-in (or sign-up for new players) before they are allowed to play. Sign up starts one hour before game time.
  2. Must be 18 years of age to play
  3. No purchase necessary to play
  4. Game is No-Limit Texas Hold’em and follows WSOP No-Limit Texas Hold’em tournament rules.
  5. Players are allowed to join the game up until the start of 1st break. No add-ons will be allowed after the start of 1st break or once final table has been announced.
  6. Your starting chip stack will be blinded out for late players.
  7. If you are not signed up by game start time, a 1000 chip penalty will be deducted from your starting chip stack.  For every 15 minutes you show up late from game time start, another 500 chips will be deducted from your starting chip stack (this does not include blinds you would have missed as well)
  8. All players start with 7k in chips (not including extra chips for food and beverages).
  9. Extra chips will not be given out while you are in a hand.
  10. No extra chips at final table
  11. All Bounties paid out at final table
  12. Blinds start at 100/200 and increase every 15 minutes
  13. 10 minute break after every hour of play
  14. Top 10 finishers for each nightly game will receive point as well as each knock-out made. Accumulated points for each season determine your qualification to the quarterly tournaments.
  15. All chips must remain on the table at all times
  16. All cards must remain on the table at all times
  17. Any hand that is purposely exposed is a dead hand.
  18. Proper, decent behavior is expected of all players and TD’s at all times.  If at any time the TD or restaurant management feels you are acting in a indecent or rude behavior, you will be asked to leave the game and/or the restaurant. REMEMBER THIS IS FREE POKER!!!
  20. Tournament Directors have the final say over any hand dispute.

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